Also referred to as a transponder microchip.  The transponder is where data is stored and is a component of an RFID system, which is the foundation of a transponder immobilizer system. This is also the most common name used to refer to a transponder microchip.

Other names for a transponder:

  • Chip
  • Pellet
  • Tag

Transponder Types

  • Active Transponder – Requires its own power source to activate the transponder. An example of an active transponder is a PKE system or Passive Keyless Entry. The battery in a PKE fob provides a power source for the transponder.
  • Passive Transponder – Does not require a power source. Passive transponders use electro magnetic energy emitted by a transceiver to power the transponder microchip. Passive transponders only work when they are in very close proximity to the transceiver. An automotive transponder key is fitted with a passive transponder.

Transponder Security

  • Rolling Code – A different code is sent to the vehicle each time the vehicle is started.
  • Fixed Code – A fixed code transponder sends the same code to the vehicle each time the key is used.