NICB Vincheck

NICB Vincheck

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

The NICB provides a free tool for checking if a vehicle has been reported stolen and un-recovered called VINCheck.  VINCheck will also notify the user if the vehicle has been reported as salvage.

In order to research a vehicle the VIN must be entered into the VINCheck tool.  After submitting the VIN, two results are shown in two separate fields.  One field will notify the user if the vehicle is present in the reported stolen un-recovered database and the other field will tell if the vehicle is listed as salvage.  The use of VINCheck is limited to 5 queries a day.

VINCheck’s vehicle theft data comes from a collaborative effort among NICB’s long list of auto insurance industry members.  Auto theft data contains information on reported stolen vehicles from the last 5 years.  Information on Vehicle salvage status is produced using another tool called AutoCheck.

For additional information on a vehicles history the NICB recommends visiting a site called, NMVTIS, which stands for National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System.  NMVTIS is a free site that provides consumers with information on a vehicle’s title, latest odometer reading, brand history, and, occasionally, prior auto theft data.

Visit the NMVTIS by clicking on this url.

The NICB mentions that they have not verified that the status of each vehicle in the database is 100% accurate and they do not guarantee any of the results produced by the VINCheck tool.

Not every vehicle reported stolen is listed in the VINCheck database.  Some vehicles may have been mistakenly listed in the auto theft database or may have already been recovered.

The NICB requests that any vehicle identified as stolen un-recovered be reported to your local law enforcement agency before making any purchase decisions.


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